There are many requirements to write any commercial policy but writing a Bar and Tavern package policy requires specific notation, as there are three parts to this package policy.  In particualr, a bar owner will typically need to have general liability, property and also a liquor liability policy. Certain states may have their own specific rules and requirements for bar and tavern requirements.  

A typical amount of insurance for a Bar / Tavern would be a general liability insurance policy with $1mm / $2mm coverage, a property policy covering the structure and contents, and finally a liquor liability policy, with coverage anywhere between $100K and $2mm.  Underwriting  departments of insurance companies may be very strict on the conditions that are required to issue a liquor liability policy.  Conditions may involve restrictions on drink special times as well as minimum prices for beer and liquor prices.   

The following application documents may need to be provided in order to obtain these three types of policies:

Acord 125
Acord 126
Acord 140
Bar / Tavern supplemental application

Please take the time to speak to an agent prior to applying for these three policies in order to obtain a better understanding of the requirements for these policies.

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