Our company is glad to provide a quote to you by completing an application and reviewing your insurance needs.   Importantly, our company can write the following types of transportation policies:

Commercial Auto
Cargo (inland marine & high value trip specific policies)
General Liability
Warehouse Property Insurance
Umbrella Policies

The following documents need to be prepared to generate a quote:
Acord 125
Acord 126
Acord 127
Acord 141
Movers Supplemental Application

Additionally, our company can handle the federal and state filings necessary to get your moving company in compliance with both interstate and intra-state requirements.  The length of time necessary to complete a full moving company application and have the application reviewed and priced through underwriting can be anywhere from one to three weeks.  The more complete your information, the faster the application can proceed through underwriting.  

Please give me call and / or reach out via email with any questions you may have about your commercial policy or personal policies needs, I would be glad to come into your office and meet with you to review your company’s insurance.

Thank you,

Michael Meyer
Phone: 800-616-3490
Fax: 800-616-1439
email: meyer@societiesinsurance.net
internet: www.societiesinsurance.com